Why recruit when you could ‘incruit’?

For every assignment I take on advising on integrated talent management we set business targets that it should help achieve. Often increasing the ratio of homegrown vs. recruited talent in key positions is stated as a target to aim for. The reasons are clear, on the one hand, recruitment is costly, and on the other, not very sustainable. Simply recruiting junior talent with five years of experience can cost upwards of 20.000 Euro and this amount ‘skyrockets’ to twice annual salary for C-suite level leaders. The sustainability factor is even more striking: talent that’s recruited for higher management levels frequently leaves within 18 months. No matter how strong their earlier performance, the culture-factor clips their wings.

What if we wouldn’t recruit, but incruit?

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Return on Investment of learning and where to capture it

Ever since my graduation from the Return on Investment program by the ROI Institute, I’ve been a part of the Dutch Community of ROI professionals. We meet about five times a year to discuss our work in proving and augmenting the value of learning and development.

Recently we met at the Dutch Railways’ head office. Our hosts had told us of their desire to make our meetings more action oriented than they had been before. So, right off the bat, we began sharing what we’re working on. There was a tangible energy in the room pretty much as soon as we started.

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Ignite, invest, improve - Revisiting the first European ATD summit

December 13 marked a special day in the Association for Talent Development’s history and for its Dutch twin, NVO2. Because that was the date of the first ever European ATD summit, held in Amsterdam.

So, how should we define the logic of today? Change as a constant fixture, perhaps? Maybe, nonlinear growth of technology in every shape and form? Possibly, that jobs are being augmented, replaced and changed by robotics and algorithms? In short, we can say: welcome to the fourth industrial revolution, or the second machine age.

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