Let me give an example to illustrate how we’re doing in HR. Imagine your competitor initiates a traineeship. Recruiters find talent on the market, learning and development builds a great program, managers can’t wait to put the trainees to work. Sounds familiar, right?

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Now fast forward five years. The traineeship has been a huge success and HR is getting into the rhythm. Annual recruitment, two-year program, excellent contractor who delivers training, coaching and action learning. It’s like a machine that’s well oiled and working smoothly.

Here’s the catch, though. There’s hardly any feedback and continuous improvement across the boundaries of the individual HR departments. Let’s take recruitment as an example: just for the sake of the focus of this blog:

  • Recruitment does assess competencies when hiring new trainees, but these competencies aren’t verified against success in the roles the trainees later perform.
  • During recruitment the assessments are performed by a contractor and although trainees are offered mentors, these future mentors do not play a role during assessments. 
  • Recruitment isn’t measuring how many trainees are still working in the company a few years after trainees finish their traineeship. 
  • Sure, there is a profile for which the trainees are recruited, but this profile is in no way linked to strategic personnel planning and the key positions trainees may later perform. 
  • The (all to generic) profile for which trainees are recruited, isn’t based on predicted succession issues in the pipelines of key positions.

Now suppose we would sit down and make an integrated talent management scorecard for the traineeship. Suppose we wouldn’t only determine KPI’s for recruitment’s success, but that we would measure and report them regularly. Now imagine we wouldn’t only build, measure and report on a scorecard for recruitment, we’d do this for all HR departments that are involved with the trainees. Wouldn’t recruitment - and the traineeship for that matter - be radically transformed?

Suppose you have a scorecard for your traineeship. How are you measuring up? Is recruitment already radically transformed, or on it’s way? We love to hear your thoughts!