It’s our mission to keep talents enthused, committed and engaged, so that they won’t consider leaving your company.

It’s our vision to do this in such a manner that the Return on Investment is tangible, measurable and predictable. We employ a variety of measures to achieve this, of which we’ll elaborate two tracks in this article.

In our first track we focus on those that hold the the biggest promise to multiply talent in organisations: managers. At ING, for instance, we’ve proven that managers can achieve the capability to become managers of talent: not only by spotting talent where they can, but also by engaging, challenging and fostering it. The potential ROI is, quite honestly, staggering. Engaged employees hold the key to a twofold increase in productivity and the internal vacancies for key positions they can help fulfil save a minimum of 26.000 per vacancy versus external hire.

On our second track we tap into opportunities to expand the visibility of talents exponentially and thereby offering managers across the organisation a direct experience of their potential. The key is to re-think and redesign the way you’ll develop and manage talents by offering opportunities for growth besides their daily work for other managers, teams or divisions. This kind of learning through organisational development mitigates some of the non-effective aspects of talent pools, talent boards and talent reviews and increases the odds of talents being invited for internal job interviews. The add-on OD challenges that talents take on besides their regular job, can and will have a positive ROI.

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Kind regards, Evert Pruis and Wendy Twisk ROI on Talent