This is the fourth and final mini-blog to celebrate my attendance at and contributions to the 2009 through 2014 global A(S)TD conferences. So many insights from keynotes and concurrent sessions, so many books and articles that I found myself reading after the conferences: it’s been a blast, to be honest! Let’s meet up in Orlando, Florida, from May 17 to 20!


I find it so remarkable that we, as trainers, coaches and HRD consultants, are still active on assignments where measurement happens limited at best. Sometimes evaluations are skipped altogether, sometimes it remains limited to a form immediately after training (nicely and directly influenceable by us trainers), sometimes we only evaluatie ourselves, sometimes an (email) form is used that mainly measures the quality of the learning intervention, but hardly asks for expected or achieved performance improvement or business impact.

Big Data is currently undergoing rapid development, another one of those developments that technology is disruptively enabling: thank you @GerDriesen for your insights on this subject. It won’t be long before HR analytics and learning analytics will become our daily work. Will we be still be using our extremely limited evaluation methods and approaches, when that time comes? I can picture a sales director asking: "why there is no impact on the bottom line of our company, after all those many years of expensive sales training? HR: have we measured this, or not?”.

I am personally on the verge of measuring all interventions that I help develop or deliver, with Smart Sheets (instead of Smile Sheets), whether my client wants it or not. Let’s do this, dear suppliers, both boldly and unasked for.

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