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  • The ATD Global Conference: learn fest without peer

    Each year, in May, the Alliance for Talent Development hosts the International Conference and Exposition. Travelling between six major cities and their huge conferences centers it’s a learn fest without peer. ICE is huge and overwhelming and dauntingly so if you’re a freshman attendee. Some facts and figures: 9.800 attendees, 2.200 from WOUSA (World Outside USA), four days, three keynotes, 14 concurrent sessions with about 27 sessions in parallel to choose from in 9 different tracks. Mind you: this is only the conference side of the equation, the exposition showcases many institutions and software solutions: with all of the blitz, pomp and glitter of a world fair.

  • The Five Digit Value of Vacancy

    So, how valuable is talent? One way to answer this question, is in those cases where key position staff leaves the company and the vacancies that creates.

  • The future of work

    Let’s rewind two centuries, shall we? For the past 200 years only hazardous, messy and lousy jobs were automated. Fast forward to today and we’re witnessing the automation of more sophisticated knowledge work. 47% of all jobs in the US, and 33% of those in Europe, are at very likely to be replaced by technology within the next twenty years, according to research by Oxford University. Why? We are now in the midst of the “5 mega trends”: big data; always connected mobile devices; social networking; cloud computing and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    These 5 mega trends are rewriting both the definition of work and its level of augmentation and call for an innovation of our approaches to talent management and development. That latter is not in scope for this week’s blog. The rewriting of work is.

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  • The Power of Potential

    How valuable is potential? What is personal initiative worth? Can we combine - insanely - demanding jobs with organizational development? What is the power of potential?

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  • The Single Most Potent Talent Development Intervention

    Ask any talented person what gave their careers a boost and they’ll never answer “a training or workshop”. Trust me, I’ve been asking this question since 2006.

  • The tale of Silvi

    In the weekend of 20 and 21 February I had the pleasure to meet Silvi Mercier, a teacher at the International School in Eindhoven and one of my fellow TEDxStrijp speakers.

    Silvi told me a story that I’d like to share with you.

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  • The Talent Imperative

    It’s hardly a secret that my first and foremost passion is spotting and flourishing talents in organizations. With ROI on Talent I’ve turned my mission into my life’s work.

  • Three approaches to talent management (and 1 to avoid: at all cost)

    This weeks blog is 'live' from cafe de Ysbreeker in Amsterdam. The title could just as well have been ‘the story of Steven’ and although it obviously isn't, I’ll be telling his story in a little while.

  • Three Ideas to Fuel the Future with our Passion

    It seems so apparent that the future of work and the future of talent is all about gloom and doom: “a future without work”, the World Economic Forum called it in January. But, I do think there is hope, even though the fourth industrial revolution and the second machine age will have major impact on the way we work and what we call work. I’ll share some of my ideas to innovate talent at the 2016 ATD Global Conference in Denver, Colorado.

    What can all of us do to improve our resilience to things to come? How can we fuel our future with our passion?

  • Two leaders, three practices to ignite talent

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    In my daily working life I have the great privilege to work with talents and (their) managers. Over the past years I’ve come to appreciate how tough it is to ignite talents in one another. The intrinsic challenge is that our talents are so often latent, not manifest. If this is the case we’re trying to build awareness about talents someone we’re working with hasn’t realised (yet).