• Do our regular talent management efforts really pay off?

    There are quite a few talent management interventions that we’ve started to take for granted, like talent pools, talent reviews and talent boards (Bryan, Joyce, 2007).

  • Een talentvolle missie

    Het is onze missie om talenten enthousiast, gecommitteerd en betrokken te houden, zodat zij niet zullen overwegen de organisatie te verlaten.

  • Everything starts with Business Alignment

    In recent years it may have been enough to clarify the question (and the question behind the question) of our clients and delve into the design, development and delivery of the content as quickly as possible. Our roles as learning, development and training experts may have been quite content driven.

  • Four ROI’s on Talent

    Since 2008 I’ve been actively engaged in designing, developing and delivering talent development programs and talent management infrastructure for fortune 100 companies.

  • Learning technolofies

    When I had the privilege to both speak at and attend the 2009 through 2014 global A(S)TD conferences, I kept wondering what the meta-themes were. I uncovered four and I will write about them in preparation of this year’s ATD conference in Orlando, Florida, from May 17 to May 20. This second mini-blog is all about technology.

  • On a Mission

    It’s our mission to keep talents enthused, committed and engaged, so that they won’t consider leaving your company.

  • Put Talent First

    How does in-company training come into being, for the most part? Quite often the humble beginnings of our training start with somebody finding that expertise or capability is lacking in a certain area.

  • The Five Digit Value of Vacancy

    So, how valuable is talent? One way to answer this question, is in those cases where key position staff leaves the company and the vacancies that creates.

  • The Power of Real-Time Feedback

    It’s a dreary and cold Tuesday a couple of months ago. I’m early, too early as it pans out. All lights at my client’s office are still out and the doors are locked.